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Air Handlers for Sale in Corona, CA

Air handlers are a key piece of heat pump and air conditioner systems, they work to circulate the air in your home and improve air quality. Your central heating and cooling system has two main parts; the air handler is the indoor piece of your system and an outdoor unit. An air handler (also called a fan coil) is essentially the combination of an evaporator coil and the fan from a furnace. There are 5 types of air handler: single speed, five speed, variable speed, insulated, and hydronic air handlers. They each have different features and work with different types of systems.

Below are a few of the air handlers we at Lucky Air recommend for reliable, energy-efficient, clean air solutions for cooling and heating in Corona, Riverside, Canyon Lake, San Bernardino, and the greater Los Angeles area. We would love to share our experience and knowledge with you to help you choose the best air handler, HVAC system, and more.

Recommended Air Handlers for California Residents

Lennox™ CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

Lennox™ CBX27UH Air Handler

The CBX27UH fits perfectly with the Healthy Climate UV Germicidal light, to easily add an extra layer of air purification to your climate system. Lennox uses high-quality components for optimal air circulation and energy-efficiency.

Key Features:

Lennox™ CBX25UH Air Handler

York® Affinity™ AVG Air Handler

The York Affinity air handler is the air handler that you never have to think about again once it’s installed. The AVG will quietly be running in the background efficiently circulating cool air through your home in the summer and cozy, warm air in the winter.

Key Features:

York® LX AHE Air Handler

York® LX MX Air Handler

York LX Air Handlers are a perfect match with your air conditioner or heat pump. They are dependable, energy-efficient, and clean the air in your home while they handle it. The MX model has a small modular design to fit in unique spaces in your home.

Key Features:

*iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat must be installed with an iComfort-enabled indoor unit.

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