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Energy-Efficient HVAC

Energy-Efficient HVAC: Corona CA and Nearby | Lucky Air - energy2Energy Saving Solutions for Corona California Residents

As energy costs continue to rise, the demand for more advanced HVAC energy management strategies is crucial. Lucky Air Inc. offers a wide range of products to address rising energy costs to Riverside, Canyon Lake, San Bernardino, Corona, and the greater Los Angeles area. With the installation of a wireless energy management system from Lucky Air Inc., residents and businesses in the Corona area can reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower operational costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Lennox S30 Smart Away Thermostat

Don’t let unexpected changes in plans or weather conditions cost you extra money. Stay in control with the iComfort Wi-Fi and automate your home’s heating & cooling while saving money. Change the interface and wallpaper on your thermostat making it part of your decor rather than an eyesore.  


Energy-Efficient HVAC: Corona CA and Nearby | Lucky Air - Lennox-Elite-Series-XC25-Appleton-WisconsinSignature Lennox XC25 Air Conditioning System

Currently one of the most efficient Energy Star rated AC systems available, the Lennox XC25 is quiet, effective, and built to last. This system utilizes a modulating compressor that provides perfectly balanced temperatures, while saving you hundreds of dollars each year on your energy costs. With an operating volume that’s 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner, you’ll barely know it’s running – until you realize that you’re surrounded by perfectly conditioned air.

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Energy-Efficient HVAC: Corona CA and Nearby | Lucky Air - Mitsubishi-ductless-mini-split-system-charleston-scMitsubishi Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless Mini-Split systems are a great solution for homeowners trying to save on energy costs, or for those families who just can’t agree on a temperature! With ductless mini-split systems, each room is equipped with it’s own zoned temperature control, allowing you to minimize energy waste and customize each room for personalized comfort.

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Does you hot water run out too quickly, taste funny, or doesn’t get as hot as you would like? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a highly efficient tankless hot water heater. Unlike traditional hot water heaters, which constantly use energy to keep water warm until the moment you need it, tankless hot water heaters heat the water on demand. This reduces energy costs, keeps your water fresher, and allows you to never run out of hot water again!

Attic Insulation & Windows

Most homes experience the most energy loss through their attic and windows. At Lucky Air, Inc., we have the knowledge and experience needed to assess the air flow throughout your home and recommend areas that could benefit from increased insulation, window sealing, and other energy saving home improvements.


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